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Students (and staff or faculty) who are signed into a lab computer:

  1. Send the document to print
  2. Take your campus ID card to the BroncoPrint station and swipe your card on the swiper next to the printer kiosk
  3. On the printer kiosk, touch the name of the job you want to print, then touch "Print"
  4. Your job will be released to a nearby shared printer
  5. The cost of printing will be deducted from your ID card only after you touch "Print" on the printer kiosk
  6. Full time students will have $15.00 of print money automatically available on their ID cards at the start of each semester

Students (and staff or faculty) who are using a computer that does not require a login (e.g. the stand-up computers).

  1. Send the document to print
  2. Type your My.Boisestate user name and a name for your print job into the popup box
  3. Wait a few seconds until a second popup tells you how much the print job will cost and asks you to approve it. Click "yes."
  4. Follow the steps above once you have sent your print job

Using your own laptop


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