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It depends on the problem you're having, where, and with which resources. The most common problems and their solutions are listed below, but please don't hesitate to ask for help. The more detail you can give us about what you're trying to access and what's happening, the more efficiently we can help.

  • The most common reason that students, staff, and faculty can't log onto online library resources and computers is that their My.BoiseState password has expired. This may be true even if you're able to log into My.BoiseState, since the Peoplesoft system has a grace period built into it which doesn't integrate with the library system.
  • Occasionally, if the problem is constrained to logging into computers, it's due to having a user name that's too long for Windows. Also, don't include the or
  • Another common problem with accessing online resources from off campus is that people have bookmarked library resources, which unfortunately doesn't always work.
    • To ensure that you can get back to an article or book, jot down or save the citation and where you found it. The finding library subscriptions page below details how to get to an article when you have the citation, and we're happy to help.
    • Then, go back to the article database or other resource using the library website, which will direct you through the system that verifies your BSU affiliation.
    • Another option is to find and save the durable link, also called a permanent link or durable URL. This is usually located on the item record, as indicated in the image below. We purchase databases from several vendors, so this may not look the same.
    • If you do this, you may need to follow the instructions on the authenticate to access articles page linked below   

Permalink example

  • If you've tried these options, you'll need to contact the Help Desk at or (208) 426-HELP (4357).

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