Answered By: Beth Allen
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My items added to a list are stored temporarily until the session times out. To preserve a list you can create or save to a personal list, email the list to yourself, or export the citations.

Email item(s) from My Items:

  1. Go to the list or saved item you want to share. (My Items list limit is 100 items)
  2. Click the Email icon. An Email List window appears.
  3. Enter up to five email addresses, separated by commas in the Email Address(es) field.
  4. Provide a Subject and (optional) Message (limit 500 characters).
  5. Click Share List. Your items or list will be sent.

To create and save a personal list:

  1. Sign-In to WorldCat Discovery.
  2. Search for the items you would like to include in a list. 
  3. Click the Save icon to add the citation to the list.
  4. When finished, click My Items in the upper right corner to display the list.
  5. Click on the Create List icon. You must be signed in to do this.
  6. Provide a List Name (required) and List Description (optional).
  7. Select a Privacy preference.
    • Shared: a permalink is generated for others to view, site and share the list. Changes to the list are updated in realtime after the page is refreshed.
    • Private: the default value, no permalink is created and the list is only visible to its creator.

      This option can be changed after the list has been saved. If a Shared list is changed to Private, the list content automatically becomes inaccessible to anyone with the original permalink.
  8. Click Save.

You can now view the saved list(s) each time you sign in again from the dropdown from your name: My Personal Lists. 

Export multiple citations from My Items or My Personal Lists:

  1. Go to the list containing items you want to cite.
  2. Click the check box next to the items you want to create citations for or check the Select All box.
  3. Click the Cite icon. A Cite List window appears.
  4. Select the citation style. The citations appear in a Copy & Paste box.
  5. Export the citations by clicking on one of the Export options or copy and paste them from the text box.

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